I am incredibly passionate about helping professional women to develop a clear path forward.  I want to help you to develop the skills, confidence, and self-awareness to move ahead in your career.  The end goal is for you to live a more meaningful life, which is a huge win!

My successful journey through corporate has been incredible at times, at other times a struggle, frustrating when I was overlooked,  a fight to keep balanced, a climb to be seen and heard, and always an endless learning experience to finally sit comfortably at the table and command respect based on the merit of my talent.

My heart is inspired by professional women who never give up…

I am from a happy middle-class family, and I'm a first-generation college graduate.  Even though I delayed college completion until my late 20s, my career blossomed from the beginning.  I was given promotions year after year for which I was not always qualified or prepared.  With no role models and few resources specifically for women in professional roles,  I often wondered how I would get through it.  Sometimes the executives thought they were validating me and said things like, "We'll make a man out of you yet, Lori!" That was supposed to be a compliment.  Earning accolades, awards, and even making money was not a problem.  Having a clear path forward without guidance was my struggle.  To find purpose while in isolation is hard.  Often, I wanted to give up.

I inspire women to take charge of their present and future happiness.  There is a better way, and it was easy, almost…

Years later, the stress and work/home balance were further tested when I went through a challenging divorce.  Suddenly I was a single mom of two children, and I had to find a way.  I was in a senior management role, and although from the outside my career was flourishing, inside I was overwhelmed.  I truly felt like a hamster on a wheel.  But amid all that, I started to develop myself.

Reading and learning became my "best friend".  I devoured courses, workshops, books, and conferences that helped me discover the mission for my career and grow the vision for my life and family.  Over time, I became empowered to communicate and live by my values. I became determined to be the role model that I missed out on having.  I recruited the strongest female talent I could find for my Fortune 100 company and further bred excellence into my teams by promoting from within.  All the while, I kept a sharp focus on the development of my teams and myself.

In the end, instead of "making a man out of me, my humility and willingness to morph and embrace learning and development made a successful woman leader out of me.  And most importantly, that spilled over graciously into my home life, and my children were the benefactors of a happy mom.  There is nothing better than that!

I empower professional women to create bigger belief.

These are just some of the results I personally realized:

  • I stopped the struggle and gained control where I thought there was none.
  • I discovered my talent and confidence as a woman and was no longer afraid to use my voice.
  • I created a plan in the face of isolation and doubt.
  • I honored my values, my family and myself.
  • I developed a vision and lived by it.

Freedom was the result!

I help professional women to do the same thing.

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